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Pimsleur iPhone

It is possible to learn to speak a new language easily. By immersing yourself in speech from foreigners you can compare your own pronunciation back-to-back with theirs. Echo iPhone/iPod app takes the most important part of the Pimsleur Method, repetitive speaking, and puts it into a fun and useful tool.

iPhone English Practice

Download lessons created by native speakers of the language you are learning. You can also access all lessons for free from your computer now.

Start a language exchange with native speakers abroad to learn together as your foreign penpal.

Facebook Integration

Share audio clips of your own pronunciation and show off as you make progress in speaking our new language.

TOEFL, ESL class, AP language

Pass your language tests with effective practice. Do better than classmates who practice with other L2 learners. Work on your accent neutralization.

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video walkthrough

Thanks! This app is really impressing and helpful!

Yina Chinese, studying at Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA